O Canada!

For those that don’t know…I, Gena, am a proud Canadian!  And I am currently back home on an impulse trip to surprise my mama for her birthday and Thanksgiving.  The surprise went off without a hitch!

Being back in Edmonton, Alberta is always so nostalgic for me.  I love seeing how my city has changed (so many skyscrapers yall and bike lanes!), checking out my old stopping grounds, and eating my fave food.

Nothing says Edmonton for me more than:

  1. a trip to Tim Horton’s for a Maple Dip Donut…shouts to my sister for hand delivering me one!
  2. Karaoke – listen I’ve been doing this for almost all of my life.  Our family is a karaoke family.  WE.  AIN’T.  NEVA.  SCARED.  And please believe we give full on performances, with dance routines and drama.
  3. SNOW.  guys, it’s snowing right now.  SNOWING…in October.  (Now you know why I moved lol)
  4. Swiss Chalet…this chicken is crack.  it comes with some sort of au jus that no one I know on earth likes.  But the chicken…sweet Jesus.
  5. Boston Pizza – I know food is a theme here but some things you just can’t get except from home.  A Hawaiian pizza is to die for.
  6. Last but not least…a shopping spree at Addition Elle.  I’ve been shopping here for the majority of my adult life.  I go here and drop benjamins like I’m P.  Diddy.  They actually were in NYC for fashion week this year and I was PISSED.  Who told them they could go and let America know about my favorite store?  Check out some of my favorite pieces.  Guaranteed you will see me in some of these very soon.


Anyhow, that’s just a few of my favorites…chat later.  I just might go to the store today…again.  Check out our IG story to shop along with me @howitfitsplus.




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