Must have Mondays

This weeks must have item is a nod to my younger self. I saw this purse and it made me happy. I hate to be that person, but it did. I mean take a look for yourself.

The kelly green with fuchsia sparkle panels definitely makes this a statement piece but I have found that it’s been very easy to work into my wardrobe. I love that I can wear it with boyfriend jeans and a white shirt as a cross body bag or add it to a bold dress and remove the strap for a cute eclectic feel.

Be sure to also check out the black and red sparkle option if this color scheme doesn’t work for you, but if like me you find that this purse makes you smile…. just get it. Trust me, you will be happy you did.

Check out our Instagram page @howitfitsplus to see what I wear this with and be sure to let me know what you think.



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