Let’s talk Pants…

So by now you’ve probably seen all of our posts about the new Gena Fit Kady pant at Eloquii, are you as excited as we are?!!!

I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes info on the process.  I had no idea what to expect, but I’m a nerd and figured there are more nerds out here following us too!

Earlier this year we were filming the Eloquii commercial and one of the outfits they chose for me was a super cute top and the Kady pant.  I wasn’t particularly excited about the pant.  I told them the kady doesn’t really work for me but was willing to try it.  I put it on and the ensemble was cute but they had to tailor the pants to get them to fit tighter on my hip and thigh areas.  even after the tailoring the pant did what other pants before him did.  They started sagging and looking visibly too big.  So Jodi (creative director at Eloquii) asked me if that happened all the time.  It was then that I shared…”Yes, which is why I don’t buy really wear pants other than jeans.”  She looked at me shocked and that was it.

A few months later, I was back at Eloquii for another shoot when Jodi told me they were working on a new pant for women who were apple shaped (like me).  I instantly said…I hate this apple name.  And to be honest I wasn’t excited.  No point in getting excited about pants working anymore.  And I’m glad I didn’t get excited.  When I tried on the first prototype I couldn’t close the pants.  So much so I wondered if they were even my size.  I ended up just sighing and thinking to myself…this isn’t going to pan out.

About a month after that I was back at Eloquii again for a visit and they had the next prototype in.  This time they added this elastic to the waist.  I thought “An ELASTIC WAIST?  NO THANK YOU.”  But I tried it on anyways…I mean they were trying to make a pant that I could wear for goodness sakes.  Tried it on and I was in shock.  It fit around the waist, the elastic wasn’t visible (come through invisible elastic!), and it fit my hips and thighs. Only thing I didn’t know was if it was going to stretch out.  So I took them home and wore them to work the following week.  I wore them all day and no stretch out.  NONE.  Amazing!  They were too tight on the calves, which gave me baggy knees but overall i loved them.


One of my co-workers commented saying they looked like pants that were made for me.  All I could do is smile.  🙂

And here we are now, with the final version, named after me, in all of it’s glory!  I can finally wear pants!  And all because Eloquii decided to actually listen to me, a lowly customer.  Thanks so much to Jodi, Minty, and the team for the pants in my namesake that fit like a glove!

Any of you have a similar issue you wished a brand would would fix for you?

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