The Plight of the Man Calf

So we all know I am apple shaped, which causes all types of issues with certain clothes (no longer pants though…Thanks to Eloquii!), but I also have big calves.  Calves that I affectionately call “man calves”.

What are man calves you ask?  The kind of calves that don’t fit any mid or high boot.  Like any boot that is in or cute sexy that has to go over the meaty drumstick of my leg.  Every fall it is torture to try and find a boot that works over this calf that is cute and one you want to wear.  And does cause calluses on your “zipper” fingers.  lol.

Last year I vowed that I would do better and do some research on this because I know I’m not the only person with this problem…and Eureka!  Here’s what i found:

  1. Torrid – this is a staple that I’m sure more of you knew about.  They have some good option here for many.  I LOVE this one!  boot torrid
  2. SimplyBe -Also a p[lace I think some folks have heard of.  When my favorite boots died from over use (they lasted 3 years) I was panicking for a black flat for the season.  I purchased a boot from here and have been happy ever since.  Here’s what i love about this site…they have boots in different calf sizes (extra curvy, plus, super curvy, etc).  They even provide guidance on measuring your calf for the perfect fit.  And they are reasonably priced!  I’m totally getting these!  simply be
  3. Duo Boots Ted & Muffy – This is what I believe the Cadillac of boots.  In fact I’m planning to make a purchase here in the coming days.  I literally want EVERY boot on their site.  They, too, focus on your calf size to help to ensure you can find a boot.  They are a little pricier but I’m going to bet they are worth it.  All the reviews I’ve found said the boots last a long time and are of great quality. I can’t wait to get mine.  I’m going with these!  duo boot
  4. – Another location for you to shop by the size of you calf!  The name is self explanatory but they have a bunch of options for you to peruse.  But the reason I’m excited for them?  They have rain boots!  AHHHHHHHHH!  I don’t have a rain boot now because what?  MAN CALVES.  Look no further.  rain boot

These are my favorite places for this season to get boots for those of us with the juicier calves.  Does anyone else have issues with boots?




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