Pattern play

I am very into mixing patterns and want to challenge everyone I know to join in. Just when you think it’s too weird, push a little further!

I recently paired Eloquii’s printed ruffle trim blouse with the brocade layering jumper and just when I thought I had enough color, I added my favorite purple platform heels. (Similar pair can be found here)

The purple/pink color of the blouse is close enough to the metallic violet in the jumper so this look works. The colors and textures don’t have to be exact for you to have fun with this trend. So dig out some pieces from your closet with similar colors and go wild!

When you find a combo you love, be sure to tag us in Instagram #howitfitsplus.

What do you think of this look?




Have I convinced you? Do you love this as much as I do?

I challenge you to give it a try!



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