Baby it’s cold outside…but I need summer gear!

Image result for winter outfit on beach

I’ve never had this issue before….finding summer gear in the winter time.  I’m heading to Australia for the holidays and would love to buy some new gear for my bucket-list trip but alas I am really struggling in finding stuff to wear in the nice weather.  Yes, of course, I have my summer clothes that i just packed away but I’m kind of sick of those clothes…lol.   I’m sure a lot of you get what i’m saying here.

Has anyone else had this problem?  How did you manage it?

Here’s what i’m finding…most of the “summer” stuff is obviously in clearance but not much in my size is left.  And some of the stuff out there in clearance aren’t my top choice items.

So here’s my challenge to the plus size clothing companies out there…  Think about the people that might be vacationing during the winter…can we have some new cute styles to choose from for summer weather in the winter months?  I feel bad for the folks that live in these hot weather locations that might shop at the same places.  I’m sure they just stop shopping after October because there is no need for a sweater dress in Barbados right?

So the companies that are serving us much style these days…Eloquii, Premme, etc think about my challenge above.  It could definitely open up some dollars for you.

Now with all that said, I can’t decide what to pack for this trip…especially what to wear for NYE.  I’m going to do a vote today on our Instagram page to see what you guys think to help me out!

Chat then!  Smooches!


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